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Wood Man Tim
Wood Man Tim.png
Gender Male
Location (#54) Pablo's House
Service Shop

"...here at Pablo's I can refine and process those logs into ready-to-use wood."
―Wood Man Tim

Wood Man Tim is an NPC who will refine raw logs into wood that can be used for crafting.

He has a brother, Wood Man Steve located in Deep Forest. In order to create refined logs you will need money and 10 logs of the specified kind.


Palm Tree Wood
Palm Tree Wood.png
Crafting cost: 5,000Coin.png
Palm Tree Log.png Palm Tree Log x10

Blue Mushroom Cube
Blue Mushroom Cube.png
Crafting cost: 4,400Coin.png
Blue Mushroom Log.png Blue Mushroom Log x10

Red Mushroom Cube
Red Mushroom Cube.png
Crafting cost: 4,400Coin.png
Red Mushroom Log.png Red Mushroom Log x10

Purple Sheet Wood
Purple Sheet Wood.png
Crafting cost: 5,400Coin.png
Purple Tree Log.png Purple Tree Log x10

Willow Wood
Willow Wood.png
Crafting cost: 5,800Coin.png
Weeping Willow Log.png Weeping Willow Log x10

Junk Wood
Junk Wood.png
Crafting cost: 4,900Coin.png
Dead Tree Log.png Dead Tree Log x10

Colored Wood
Colored Wood.png
Crafting cost: 4,700Coin.png
Goof Tree Log.png Goof Tree Log x10

Chestnut Wood
Chestnut Wood.png
Crafting cost: 6,000Coin.png
Chestnut Tree Log.png Chestnut Tree Log x10

Pine Block
Pine Block.png
Crafting cost: 5,800Coin.png
Pine Tree Log.png Pine Tree Log x10