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Wood Man Steve
Wood Man Steve.png
Gender Male
Location (#77) Frog Country
Service Shop

"I, like my brother Wood Man Tim, Also can help you craft processed wood. You will need 10 of a log to make it into good wood that can be crafted with. By the way did you know fish are a vital part of crafting ? The fish dont get killed or smooshed into equipment, they are just needed as scales and body contain important DNA that must be replicated when crafting weapons and armour. That way fish arent harmed. Now what can i help you with?"
―Wood Man Steve

Wood Man Steve is an NPC who can be found in Frog Country.

. He will refine the player's raw logs into refined logs.


Robot Bar
Robot Bar.png
Crafting cost: 7,000Coin.png
Robot Tree Log.png Robot Tree Log x10

Jungle Wood
Jungle Wood.png
Crafting cost: 6,200Coin.png
Jungle Tree Log.png Jungle Tree Log x10

Stacked Wood
Stacked Wood.png
Crafting cost: 5,500Coin.png
Tropical Tree Log.png Tropical Tree Log x10

Thorn Wood
Thorn Wood.png
Crafting cost: 7,100Coin.png
Thorn Tree Log.png Thorn Tree Log x10

Snow Covered Wood
Snow Covered Wood.png
Crafting cost: 6,300Coin.png
Snowy Tree Log.png Snowy Tree Log x10

Enforcer Gun
Enforcer Gun.png
Crafting cost: 5,050,000Coin.png
Glopper.png Glopper x9