Winged Skull Helmet
Winged Skull Helmet
Required Level 749
Defense 300
Power +4
Magic +200
Sold By Isaac Sr
Shop Price Coin 33,000,000
Items Needed • 2 Blue Mushroom Cube
• 1 Shiny Pootnick
• 3 Ice Fish
• 1 Snow Covered Wood
Sell for Coin 11,550,000

Created from the skull of a magmagon infused with a magic essence.

Dropped By

This equipment is not dropped by any monsters.

Crafting Recipe

Winged Skull Helmet
Winged Skull Helmet
Crafting cost: 33,000,000Coin
Blue Mushroom Cube Blue Mushroom Cube x2
Shiny Pootnick Shiny Pootnick x1
Ice Fish Ice Fish x3
Snow Covered Wood Snow Covered Wood x1