Helmet Heroes Wiki
Gender Male
Location (#1) Wooden Plains


"Finally, you're up! Mad Ricky and his Green Bouncers are back and they're trying to chop down our forest again! A few of his Green Bouncers are on their way back over here, they crave blood! Get up!"

William is an older man in Wooden Plains, and is the first character in the game to speak to the player. It is assumed that he is friends with Ronald and the player.

Despite having the first words in the opening cutscene, once the player begins the actual game, William's body is left on the ground, and he is unable to speak to the character ever again. He is the only NPC in the game who is unable to speak to the character during gameplay.

William is also notable for mentioning that Mad Ricky and his Green Bouncers were coming back to Wooden Village to chop down the forest again, since this is only one of two references to Mad Ricky being present in the game (the other references is by Mystic at the Black Hooded Woods, who says that if the player is looking for him, he isn't there at the moment).