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Weapons are basically items players can equip to attack enemies, other players, or chop trees. They all do damage to some point, and some have special abilities like fire, ice or electricity shocks. They can be obtained in a few ways: either through defeating enemies; through stores, where they can be purchased with money; or through trading, where players can offer money or other items in exchange. In rare occasions, there could be events where robby and/or players would drop special items which are known as "Rares" or "Exclusive Items". However, some of these rares have deteriorated in value over the years and are able to be obtained via the Slot Machine which doesn't exist past "Item Vendor" payvault introduction. Weapons are either one handed or two handed, and come in four varieties:

Magic Weapons

Magic weapons come in many forms, and are in both one and two handed forms. They are most commonly known to be wands or staffs. ( Wands are one handed, Staffs are two handed. ) This takes up 12 MP, with 2 MP per projectile, and it scales up dependant on the level. This is why people prefer staffs over wands, because they take up less MP.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are almost all bows that do damage from afar. They do moderate damage and some more upper-level bows have special abilities such as fire or ice, though they have weaker damage than normal ones. Most, if not all of them have default 100 range.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are weapons that are for the warrior class, they do not have long range, but they do have skills which make the class remarkable the higher you go up in levels. Out of all the weapons, melee weapons are the most commonly dropped weapons as they were one of the original classes you could play as in the beginning of Helmet Heroes.

Artillery Weapons

Artillery Weapons are gun-like weapons that do moderate damage at a fast rate. This however depends on the type of gun you use, since it would not make sense for a shotgun or a sniper rifle to shoot at an alarming rate. All of the guns have the same distance shooting, which is averagely 80 feet. This can be upgraded to 100 feet, the same range as an archer, through skills.


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Red Plastic Sword.png
This is the Red Plastic Sword, a

strong choice for someone starting

the game. This can be bought from the

Sales Man or obtained by killing monsters.

This is the Small Bow, a good weapon

Small Bow.png
for starter archers. They can be bought from Anoop or obtained by killing monsters.
This is the Basic Wand, a cheap yet
Basic Wand.png

magical wand for starting wizards. You start the game with only one. They can also be bought from Anoop.