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People like helmet heroes because new stuff like weaponds, armors and pets. Also people like helmet heroes because new updete like 6.04 attack at Robot City but people want to know why many people play helmet heroes? people say that is fun and other say because new update and new stuff.


Helmet Heroes - Giant Bird Attack at Robo City!!-0

Screenshot 2015-03-28 at 9.52.45 AM.png

This is the new update of helmet heroes that a person send me he is a cowboy. Also why people don`t stop playing helmet heroes? I would tell you why because people tell other person to play helmet heroes because it fun and new update and pets. In the new update people don`t like because they can do many stuff like people don`t know how to do bombs. My idea is that don`t play to much helmet heroes because you have other stuff to do. If do you want to see or read more information tell me in the comments !Ok Thanks