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Train Shack Man
Train Shack Man.png
Gender Male
Location (#61) Mushroom Train Station & (#64) Aqualantis
Service Train Ticketmaster

"I'm what they call a train-o-holic'. It costs $1,000 to ride. Trains arrive here 3 minutes before they depart."
―Train Shack Man

Note: After the train system was removed the Train Shack Man's dialogue had been changed

"The train went out of business some time ago. Operating costs for the trains became too high, so they had to shut em down. So if you want to get to aqualantis you`re` going to have to walk the tracks"
―Train Shack Man (Mushroom Station)

Note: There are two Train Shack Men with different speech

"I'm what they call a 'train-o-holic'. I think about trains all day and night, non-stop. Im constantly thinking about trains. Infact i wish i was a train.I could stop if i wanted to. There used to be a train that ran from Mushroom Village to here at Aqualantis. I sure do miss those days, and those trains. Man do i love trains"
―Train Shack Man (Aqualantis)

Train Shack Man is a man who handles the train operations to and from Aqualantis. He stands at both Mushroom Train Station and Aqualantis. You can buy a one-way train boarding pass from him for $1,000.