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Gender Male
Location (#145) Cloud Fort
Service Shop

"Weapons... That is the only thing that will help you tackle these super wicked Omega Fluffs. They may have a charming name, but let me tell you what.. They will rip you a new one!"



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Neoplasti Armor
Neoplasti Armor.png
Crafting cost: 60,500,000Coin.png
Lava Reef Fish.png Lava Reef Fish x3
Palm Tree Wood.png Palm Tree Wood x2


Neoplasti Legs
Neoplasti Legs.png
Crafting cost: 60,000,000Coin.png
Shiny Lava Reef Fish.png Shiny Lava Reef Fish x1
Palm Tree Wood.png Palm Tree Wood x4


God Blade
God Blade.png
Crafting cost: 85,000,000Coin.png
Shiny Hairloom.png Shiny Hairloom x1
Palm Tree Wood.png Palm Tree Wood x4
Cloud Tree Wood.png Cloud Tree Wood x2

God Scimitar
God Scimitar.png
Crafting cost: 55,000,000Coin.png
Pootnick.png Pootnick x3
Red Mushroom Cube.png Red Mushroom Cube x1
Hertle.png Hertle x2

Angelic Bow
Angelic Bow.png
Crafting cost: 76,000,000Coin.png
Snow Fish.png Snow Fish x4
Pine Block.png Pine Block x2
Cloud Tree Wood.png Cloud Tree Wood x2

Gemstone Wand
Gemstone Wand.png
Crafting cost: 62,000,000Coin.png
Mushroom Coy.png Mushroom Coy x2
Subordinate.png Subordinate x2
Snow Covered Wood.png Snow Covered Wood x2

Gemstone Staff
Gemstone Staff.png
Crafting cost: 76,000,000Coin.png
Chestnut Wood.png Chestnut Wood x3
Glopper.png Glopper x5

Neoplasti Blaster
Neoplasti Blaster.png
Crafting cost: 77,000,000Coin.png
Dark Reaper.png Dark Reaper x5
Maple Wood.png Maple Wood x5