Helmet Heroes Wiki
An example of what a character's status screen might look like

Your status is an indicator of your character's standing in Helmet Heroes. It shows:

  • Your level and the total amount of experience your character has gained (NB: the latter has been removed in the newest version)
  • The speed at which you move
  • Your chance at dealing critical hits
  • Your "stat" levels
  • Your fishing level
  • Your chopping level
  • Your guild (Current version)
  • Damage Span and Defense output (Current version)

You will gain 3 ability points every time you level up which you can use to upgrade your "stats". You will gain 1 skill point every time you level up which you can use to upgrade your "Skills." 

There are 8 different stats you can upgrade by spending ability points:


  • HP- Your current and total health. Having more health allow you to take more damage without dying. Every point you spend on HP will increase your total HP by 10.
  • MP- Your current and total magic points. Magic points are used for attacking with a staff or wand(s) and for special attacks. Every point you spend on MP will increase your total MP by 10 (Note: MP costs increase every 100 levels).
  • Dexterity- Dexterity increases your chance of doing a critical hit (350% regular damage), as well as increasing your movement speed. Every point you spend on Dexterity will increase your critical hit rate by 0.33% and movement speed by 0.006 mph.
  • Strength (or, Power)- Increases damage dealt with melee attacks (for swords, mace, axe, or hammer only). Every point you spend on Strength will increase your melee damage.
  • Range- Increases damage dealt with range attacks (for bows or sling only). Every point you spend on Range will increase your range damage.
  • Magic- Increases damage dealt with magic attacks (for wands and staffs only). Every points you spend on Magic will increase your magic damage.
  • Artillery - Increases the damage you do with guns.
  • Defense- Helps to fend off enemy attacks. The higher your defense is, the less damage you take. Every point you spend on Defense will reduce damage taken from enemies. NB: The current version has a defense output stat. This stat is better fit to see how much damage you will take from enemies.
    • When your defense output is lower than , then you will take hard damage, it's better to avoid attacking this monster due to it being too strong.
    • When your defense output is between  and , then you will get zeroes sometimes.
    • When your defense output equals or is higher than , then you won't take any damage.


  • Fishing - Fishing XP is earned by catching fish. as your levels increse the time given to catch a fish increases by 1 millisecond
  • Chopping - Chopping XP is earned by chopping trees. 4 XP can be gained periodically from chopping trees.

Strength/Range/Magic/Artillery vs Dexterity