Helmet Heroes Wiki
Heath's Training Ground, Sales Man (#3)
Blue Beanie
Red Beanie
Red Shirt
Brown Shoe
Blue Jeans
Green Pants
Yellow Pants
Paper Bag
Clover Hat
Half Coconut
Half Ski Mask
Full Ski Mask
Archer Hat
Red Plastic Sword
Blue Plastic Sword
Plastic Saber
Small Bow
Bronze Dagger
Airsoft Gun
Paintball Gun
Paper Hat
Koon Hat
Detective Hat
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Shirt
Cowboy Pants
Heath's Training Ground, Anoop (#3)
Crumby Wizard Hat
Brown Wizard Robe
Brown Wizard Pants
Red Wizard Robe
Red Wizard Pants
Red Wizard Hat
Blue Wizard Hat
Blue Wizard Belt Hat
Basic Wand
Star Wand
Basic Magic Staff
Leaf Bow
Triple Leaf Bow
Medium Bow
Leaf Pad Bow
Thorn Bow
Elf Shoe
Elf Bell Shoe
Fireman Hatchet
Shaman Wand
Shaman Staff
Archaic Helmet
Archaic Armor
Archaic Legs
Archaic Bow
BB Gun
Pirate Vest
Pirate Pants
Pirate Hat
Tropical Beach, Sam Shoe (#7)
Blue Magic Shoe
Cursed Shoe
Elf Shoe
Elf Bell Shoe
Cowboy Boot
Double Bell Shoe
Pirate Boot
Steel Boot
Magnesium Boot
Zinc Boot
Future Boot
Spiked Dino Boot
Blue Crystal Boot
Pink Crystal Boot
Chemical Boot
Assault Boot
Imperial Boot
Achilles Boot
Relic Boot
Beholder Boot
Element Boot
Archaic Boot
Skull Crusher Boot
Earth Boot
Valor Boot
Serpent Boot
Acid Boot
Bladed Boot
Girl Item Shop, Rita (#10)
Hair Flower
Charm Hat
Cat Hat
Ballerina Outfit
Metal Ballerina Outfit
Ballerina Stockings
Metal Ballerina Legs
Metal Cat Helmet
Pink Crystal Helmet
Pink Crystal Armor
Pink Crystal Legs
Crystal Heart Shield
Carter's Coconut, Carter (#16)
Half Coconut
Coconut Helmet
Suit Pants
Green Shoe
Wooden Bat
Rusty Scimitar
Coconut Armor
Coconut Knee Pads
Coconut Leaves Helmet
Wood Scrap Shield
Short Sword
Log splitting Axe
Leaf Bow
Triple Leaf Bow
Archer Shirt
Archer Pants
Element Helmet
Element Armor
Element Legs
Element Wand
Element Staff
Potato Gun
Cowboy Belt Hat
Mushroom Library, Lewis (#18)
Book of Power
Book of Magic
Book of Range
Book of Artillery
Book of Dexterity
Book of Health
Book of MP
Book of Defense
Book of Skill
Shane Shield's House, Shane Shield (#19)
Wood Scrap Shield
Garbage Can Lid
Stop Sign
Smiley Tin Shield
Wood Metal Shield
Bronze Shield
Protector Shield
Stone Shield
Crystal Heart Shield
Ancient Shield
Future Shield
Dino Shield
Robot Shield
Beholder Shield
Skull Crusher Shield
Acid Shield
Kreeton Shield
Bladed Shield
Haunted Woods, Alpipa (#20)
Leather Helmet
Racing Helmet
Army Helmet
Roman Helmet
Blue Face Helmet
Sugarloaf Helmet
Single Sphere Wand
Blue Sphere Staff
Single Battle Axe
Teardrop Blade
Death Bringer
Guardians Warhammer
Roman Robe
Roman Leggings
Leather Archer Armor
Archer Leather Legs
Leather Armor
Leather Legs
Chainmail Legs
Snoop's Shop, Snoop (#24)
Meat Cleaver
Archer Patches Hat
Spartan Helmet
Knight Helmet
Magician Armor
Magician Armor Legs
Bronze Plate Armor
Bronze Plate Legs
Knight Armor
Knight Armor Legs
Natures Staff
Nightingale Wand
Nightingale Staff
Chunk Mace
Two-Handed Mace
Mega Sword
Rich Mans Bow
Angels Wings Bow
Mechanic Wing Bow
Strong Basket Helmet
Mexican Shirt
Mexican Pants
Koon Outfit
Koon Pants
Koon Hat
Masked Cowboy Hat
Arena Entrance, Tiberius (#26)
Wooden Spear
Skull Spear
Eagle Staff
Apollos Helmet
Apollos Armor
Apollos Armor Legs
Stone Helmet
Stone Armor
Stone Armor Legs
Gold Helmet
Gold Plate Armor
Gold Plate Legs
Witch Hat
Blue Wizard Robe
Blue Wizard Pants
Fish Scale Armor
Fish Scale Legs
Super Hero Shirt
Reptile Wand
Single Godly Blade
Alloy Wolf Helmet
Tommy Gun
ES C90
Chemical Mask
Pablo's House, Wallace (#31)
Demon's Fury
Ice Hammer
Ancient Battle Axe
Captain's Rapier
Electric Infuriator
Axe of Minions
Electric Katana
Ice Blade of Gods
Barbarian Axe of Fire
Reapers Scythe
Crypt Bow of Fire
Snout Zinc Helmet
Zinc Armor
Zinc Legs
Admantium Helmet
Magnesium Helmet
Admantium Armor
Admantium Legs
Magnesium Armor
Magnesium Legs
Beholder Wand
Beholder Staff
Beholder Bow
Beholder Sword
Beholder Axe
Small Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher
Sniper Rifle
Pablo's House, Chance (#31)
Strong Full Helmet
Wizard Hat Mask
Enchanted Helmet
Crusader Helmet
Ancient Helmet
Ancient Armor
Ancient Legs
Strong Armor
Strong Legs
Winged Diamond Wand
Enchanted Armor
Enchanted Legs
Natures Bow
Heartstriker Bow
Night Glow Bow
Mushroom Helmet
Bat Wing Staff
Chain Helmet
Chain Armor
Chain Legs
Hybrid Helmet
Skull Crusher Helmet
Skull Crusher Armor
Skull Crusher Legs
Pointed Pirate Hat
Steel Masked Helmet
Cowboy Knight Helmet
Snowy Flats, Travis (#33)
Reinforced Bush Armor
Reinforced Bush Legs
Flak Jacket
Sorcerer Robe
Jester Shirt
Sorcerer Pants
Jester Pants
Sorcerer Hat and Glasses
Sorcerer Copter Hat
Jester Hat
Ocean Staff
Night Glow Wand
Tropical Staff
Horned Helmet
Green Face Helmet
Steel Helmet Hat
Cone Helmet
Ghost Mask
Cursed Robe
Cursed Pants
Diamond Studded Bow
Spiked Shell Helmet
Achilles Armor
Achilles Legs
Achilles Helmet
Relic Armor
Relic Legs
Relic Helmet
Goo Dungeon, Sneed (#34)
Royal Helmet
Protector Helmet
Dino Scale Helmet
Samurai Helmet
Helmet of Hatred
Imperial Helmet
Dino Scale Armor
Royal Armor
Protector Suit
Samurai Armor
Armor of Hatred
Imperial Armor
Royal Legs
Protector Legs
Dino Scale Legs
Samurai Legs
Legs of Hatred
Imperial Legs
Spherical Staff
Frosters Bow
Light Sword
Single Hatred Blade
Blade of Hatred
Heated Staff
Dino Blade
Wand of Blessings
Fallen Queens Spectre
Cyborg Bow
Frosting Trident
Mummified Axe
Viper's Shop, Viper (#40)
Blue Crystal Helmet
Future Helmet
Lazer Shades
Assault Helmet
Robot Helmet
Cyborg Helmet
Neon Magic Helmet
Astro Helmet
Industrial Helmet
Mocap Suit
Blue Crystal Armor
Future Armor
Assault Armor
Robot Armor
Neon Magic Suit
Cyborg Armor
Astro Suit
Industrial Armor
Future Legs
Blue Crystal Legs
Mocap Pants
Assault Legs
Robot Legs
Cyborg Legs
Neon Magic Legs
Astro Legs
Industrial Legs
Eagle Slingshot
Flaming Needle Bow
Indian Wand
Geraldo's Food, Geraldo (#47)
Chemical Armor
Chemical Legs
Valor Helmet
Valor Armor
Valor Legs
Pirate Helmet
Pirate Armor
Pirate Armor Legs
Eye Patch
Cowboy Knight Armor
Cowboy Knight Legs
Ricardo's House, Ricardo (#50)
Harpoon Bow
Analytic Wand
Analytic Staff
Serpent Wand
Serpent Staff
Acidic Sword
Two Hand Acid Blade
Acid Shield
Thors Hammer
Deep Sea Helmet
Earth Helmet
Analytic Helmet
Serpent Helmet
Titanium Helmet
Titanium Armor
Titanium Legs
Earth Armor
Earth Legs
Analytic Armor
Analytic Legs
Serpent Armor
Serpent Legs
Acidic Helmet
Acidic Armor
Acidic Legs
XM8 Rifle
Machine Gun
Rayon Gun
Pet Helmet Shop, Val (#51)
Pet Striped Beanie
Pet Bowtie
Pet Melon Helmet
Pet Oriental Hat
Pet Archer Hat
Pet Crumby Hat
Pet Cowboy Hat
Pet Army Helmet
Pet Wizard Hat
Pet Witch Hat
Pet Pirate Hat
Pet Spartan Helmet
Pet Stone Helmet
Pet Apollo Helmet
Pet Strong Helmet
Pet Protector Helmet
Pet Samurai Helmet
Pet Jester Helmet
Pet Horned Helmet
Pet Cone Helmet
Pet Adamantium Helmet
Pet Dino Scale Helmet
Pet Cyborg Helmet
Pet Valor Helmet
Pet Element Helmet
Pet Beholder Helmet
Pet Earth Helmet
Pet Serpent Helmet
Pet Acid Helmet
Pet Pirate Helmet
Bartholomew's Shop, Bartholomew (#52)
Beholder Shield
Beholder Boot
Beholder Sword
Beholder Axe
Kreeton Helmet
Kreeton Armor
Kreeton Legs
Kreeton Cutter
Eye of Kreeton
Darkane Hood Helmet
Darkane Armor
Darkane Legs
Darkane Wand
Darkane Staff
Repguana Helmet
Repguana Armor
Repguana Legs
Repguana Bow
Bladed Helmet
Bladed Armor
Bladed Legs
Brooding Fire Axe
Electric Barracuda
Skullcrusher Gun
Beholder Gun
Kreeton Gun
Pet Building Level 1, Tanner (#53)
Baby Bounce
Pet Building Level 2, Nicolas & Markus (#54)
Pet Building Level 3, Ted (#55)
Fishing Fort, Milton (#64)
Fishing Pole
Craftman Falls, Craftman (#69)
Palm Tree Seed
Purple Tree Seed
Weeping Willow Seed
Dead Tree Seed
Blue Mushroom Seed
Red Mushroom Seed
Goof Tree Seed
Chestnut Tree Seed
Pine Tree Seed
Jungle Tree Seed
Robot Tree Seed
Tropical Tree Seed
Thorn Tree Seed
Snowy Tree Seed
Craftman Falls, Jerry (#69)
Mithril Helmet
Mithril Armor
Mithril Legs
Phantom Hood
Phantom Robe
Phantom Pants
Divine Helmet
Divine Armor
Divine Legs
Craftman Falls, Scott (#69)
Enforcer Helmet
Enforcer Armor
Enforcer Legs
Frozen Mithril Axe
God Dagger
Phantom Wand
Phantom Staff
Divine Bow
Mithril Shield
Bartholomew's Shop, Bobby (#52)
Beholder Helmet
Beholder Armor
Beholder Legs

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