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Phantom Wand
Phantom Wand.png
Required Level 301
Damage 106 - 139
Reach 3.1 feet
Two-Handed No
Sold By Scott
Store Price Coin.png 2,600,000
Items Needed • 4 Puffer
Sell for Coin.png 910,000

Its dark powers are a mystery and should be taken very seriously.

Crafting Recipe

Phantom Wand
Phantom Wand.png
Crafting cost: 2,600,000Coin.png
Puffer.png Puffer x4
Shiny Shroom Serpent.png Shiny Shroom Serpent x1
Stagnant Scum.png Stagnant Scum x1
Purple Sheet Wood.png Purple Sheet Wood x5

Dropped By