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Phantom Staff
Phantom Staff.png
Required Level 320
Damage 176 - 225
Reach 4.7 feet
Two-Handed Yes
Sold By Scott
Store Price Coin.png 3,700,000
Items Needed • 5 Purple Sheet Wood
• 4 Puffer
Sell for Coin.png 1,295,000

A ton of evil is packed into this staff. Priests and all that are holy are trying to rid the earth of these staffs.

Crafting Recipe

Phantom Staff
Phantom Staff.png
Crafting cost: 3,700,000Coin.png
Purple Sheet Wood.png Purple Sheet Wood x5
Puffer.png Puffer x4
Chestnut Wood.png Chestnut Wood x1
Shiny Puffer.png Shiny Puffer x1

Dropped By