Full list of patches
Previous Patch: Patch 2.512 Patch Date: July 12, 2013 Next Patch: Patch 2.56
  • New profanity filter that filters swear words in main chat, PM chat, trade chat, and prohibits them in usernames when signing up
  • Very very slightly increased the damage players do to each other in PvP arenas
  • Brody now appears with a garbage can lid after completing the quest
  • Reduced enemy knockback from magic attacks; increased enemy knockback from bow attacks
  • Slightly reduced number of particles that come from enemies when killed
  • Performance increase - players will notice the most increase in heavily populated areas, areas where scrolling previously had a 'jagged' feeling - or users playing on old computers
  • Fixed invincibility glitch by teleporting after death
  • Raised wall in full PvP area to prevent off-map jumping
  • Added falling snow to snowy areas
  • Enabled mouse wheel for guild menu
  • Fixed another method of possible item duplication (bug fixed)
  • 2 new areas
  • 3 new helmets
  • 1 new chest armor
  • 1 new weapon
  • 1 new mission
  • 1 new payvault item
  • Trade menu re-enabled