Full list of patches
Previous Patch: Patch 2.48 Patch Date: July 9, 2013 Next Patch: Patch 2.512
  • Reduced occurrences of other players moving/lagging slightly weird
  • Reduced occurrences of alternate areas being created where players could not see each other in the same area
  • Added a slot machine in Snowy Plains
  • Fixed random spawning in Heath's shop when not supposed to be (bug fixed)
  • Other players appearing to skim across ground without walk animation whenever you join new area (bug fixed)
  • Withdraw & deposit button are no longer clickable after you successfully use them
  • New Guild vs Guild area that allows players with their fellow guild members without fear of damaging them
  • 1 new area
  • 1 new shield
  • 2 new chest armor
  • 2 new helmets
  • 3 new weapons (Heartstriker Bow, Nightglow Bow, and Bat Wing Staff at Pablo's)
  • 1 new payvault item (Instant Teleportation)