Our Last Breath strives for excellence. We are defined by our unwavering tenacity, unquestionable morality, and unshakable politeness. We help those that ask, work hard to better ourselves, and show respect to other gamers at all times. OLB is for the best; those that have little patience for kill-stealers, loot-snatchers, and those that speak solely in vulgarity. We like to have fun and appreciate both levity and provoking conversation. Most importantly, even in the worst situations, we never give up. We take every fight to Our Last Breath.

Please feel free to apply if you believe yourself to be noble, quick, smart, and ready.


All we require is that you show proper gamesmanship, have a command of language, appreciate a bad joke, and know how to make lists of three. Regular gameplay and a level over 30 would be appreciated, but not at all necessary.

Our Leader 

OLB is led by the venerable, though blithe at times, Latzi. Feel free to PM him any time you're looking for a casual chat, need some help, or feel like bothering him.