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*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Acidic Helmet]
*[[Book of Dexterity]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher Shield]
*[[Monster Skull]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher Boot]
*[[Horned Helmet]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher Legs]
*[[Bat Wing Staff]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher Armor]
*[[Wood Metal Shield]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Small Skull Crusher]
*[[Chunk Mace]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher]
*[[Mega Sword]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Skull Crusher Helmet]
*[[Cone Helmet]]
*[http://www.helmet-heroes.com/ Titanium Armor]

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Night Stalker
Night Stalker.png
Health 2700
Defense 163
Speed 3
Experience 96xp
Worth $32
Height 9.7 feet
Power 227

Blind dinosaurs, the Night Stalker is a very angry predator. It feasts off of other creatures cannot be used as a pet because of thier hostile nature. Much like a bat, they use sonar to navigate around thier environment. Blaire (NPC) claims to have had a friend who attempted to domesticate one as a pet but was eaten for breakfast the very next day.