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Night Glow Wand
Night Glow Wand.png
Required Level 32
Damage 23 - 37
Reach 3.1 feet
Two-Handed No
Sold By Travis
Store Price Coin.png 16,000
Sell for Coin.png 5,600

Contains a faint glow that can be used to attack enemies. Like the Moonlight Staff in Eliatopia, the Night Glow Wand contains 15% moonlight energy.

Dropped By


  • The Night Glow Wand would reappear in Eliatopia under the name "Moonlight Wand." There were minor changes on the Night Glow Wand's design such the orb actually being attached to its holders and a moon symbol in its orb, but its overall design was kept the same.
  • A staff was created for the Night Glow Wand by Flashlight237; however, said staff doesn't make an appearance in Helmet Heroes.