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Mystic Tribal Bow
Mystic Tribal Bow.png
Required Level 375
Damage 280 - 318
Reach 100 feet
Two-Handed Yes
Sold By Dan
Store Price Coin.png 7,100,000
Items Needed • 3 Palm Tree Wood
• 1 Chestnut Wood
• 2 Colored Wood
• 5 Greenspot
• 3 Clipper
Sell for Coin.png 2,485,000

An ancient bow made from elite tribal warriors. Made with incredibly strong material, it also seems to to hold the presence of something mystical.

Crafting Recipe

Mystic Tribal Bow
Mystic Tribal Bow.png
Crafting cost: 7,100,000Coin.png
Palm Tree Wood.png Palm Tree Wood x3
Chestnut Wood.png Chestnut Wood x1
Colored Wood.png Colored Wood x3
Greenspot.png Greenspot x5
Clipper.png Clipper x3

Dropped By