Helmet Heroes Wiki
Health 40000000
Defense 2500
Speed 0
Experience 12600xp
Worth $4200
Height 32.1 feet
Power 15000
No Sound

A monstrous inbred disaster, Kreetus is a mutant freak spawned as the offspring of a Dark Beholder and Kreeton. Its large Kreeton-shelled body is extremely tough and helps it withstand attacks from even the most supreme adversary. Despite its hard shell it has a major crack running down the center of it, exposing Kreetus's heart to open attacks. Kreetus has been around for over 1,000 years and has fathered over 3,000 Kreeton and Dark Beholder offspring.

Strategy (Before 3D Art Update):

Unlike all the other boss type monsters, the legendary Kreetus needs a slightly different approach in order to defeat it. It is recommended that there is a minimum of three players to fight the Kreetus, each with their own different but equally important roles.

During the fight, there will be 5 or more Mushroom Laser Cannons mounted on the wall opposite the Kreetus. These cannons have 2 abilities: heal the Kreetus and damage players. It is advised to have one player scoot the wall provided by a moving platform, and rapidly attack the Mushroom Laser Cannons which will cause them to retract back into the wall, thus halting the Kreeton's healing process. Recommend using a mage for this role as their particles cover quite a wide area and can hit several of these cannons at once.

The second player's role to aid in the defeat of the mighty beast is the coin boxes. When the coin boxes have been hit by a player, it will drop 3 coins, then perform a spin, launching itself towards the Kreetus' heart. The more players that hit the coinboxes the better as more coinboxes hitting the Kreeton will help damage its armour and reveal its heart for longer and leave it more open to attack.

As the Kreetus begins to open its chest after being hit by the coinbox, the players will be able to catch a glimpse of the Kreetus' heart. During this period of time, it is advised that the strongest player of the trio attack the Kreetus, as during the weakened state it still has quite a lot of defense. Recommend using a warrior with maxed out power slash and extremely high power to take it down.



Average value of item drops: 281,1k$