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Isaac Jr
Gender Male
Location (#141) Isaac's Equipment Shop
Service Shop

"Hello, I am Isaac Jr. I am the son of my father. My father is also my dad. You must be very strong to have made your way all the way here.
I can sell you some weapons and armor to help you in your journey."
-Isaac Jr

Isaac Jr is an NPC located in Isaac's Equipment Shop , who sells high end items.


Corruption Armor
Corruption Armor.png
Crafting cost: 30,500,000Coin.png
Shiny Root Fish.png Shiny Root Fish x1
Omate.png Omate x4
Pine Block.png Pine Block x4

Corruption Legs
Corruption Legs.png
Crafting cost: 28,000,000Coin.png
Shiny Omate.png Shiny Omate x1
Pine Block.png Pine Block x4
Pumphin.png Pumphin x3
Glopper.png Glopper x4

Empowered Armor
Empowered Armor.png
Crafting cost: 32,000,000Coin.png
Ice Fish.png Ice Fish x3
Shiny Peep Fish.png Shiny Peep Fish x1
Shroomer.png Shroomer x5
Snow Covered Wood.png Snow Covered Wood x2

Empowered Legs
Empowered Legs.png
Crafting cost: 27,000,000Coin.png
Shiny Ice Fish.png Shiny Ice Fish x2
Shroomer.png Shroomer x7
Snow Covered Wood.png Snow Covered Wood x3

Crafting cost: 44,000,000Coin.png
75x75px Shiny Lava Spud x1
Flame Coy.png Flame Coy x3
Colored Wood.png Colored Wood x3
Robot Bar.png Robot Bar x4

Coal Blazer
Coal Blazer.png
Crafting cost: 34,600,000Coin.png
Shiny Lava Reef Fish.png Shiny Lava Reef Fish x3
Flame Coy.png Flame Coy x1

Millennium Bow
Millennium Bow.png
Crafting cost: 38,000,000Coin.png
Plant Fungus.png Plant Fungus x3
Junk Wood.png Junk Wood x3
Robot Bar.png Robot Bar x3

Crafting cost: 38,500,000Coin.png
Mud Fish.png Mud Fish x2
Dark Toad.png Dark Toad x3
75x75px Chestnut wood x4

Empowered Wand
Empowered Wand.png
Crafting cost: 34,000,000Coin.png
Stagnant Scum.png Stagnant Scum x3
Glowshine.png Glowshine x3
Robot Bar.png Robot Bar x3