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Giant Goo Cube
Giant Goo Cube.png
Health 210000
Defense 150
Speed 0.7
Experience 375xp
Worth $125
Height 16.7 feet
Power 180

A large mass of goo, the Giant Goo Cube is approximately 4-5 times te size of a normal Goo Cube. Despite their incredible size, they are not a major threat. Their lack of brain or ligaments makes it very hard for them to attack humans or any other creatures. However, due to their large weight, they can cause a fair amount of damage to those who are weak. The Giant Goo Cube also possesses a very large health and gains health from fellow Goo Cubes in the vicinity.



  1. Skull Crusher 
  1. Titanium Armor
  1. Small Skull Cusher
  1. Acidic Helmet 
  1. Acidic Armor
  1. Acidic Legs
  1. Acid Boots