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Gemstone Wand
Gemstone Wand.png
Required Level 1003
Damage 360 - 450
Reach 5 feet
Two-Handed No
Sold By Toddwell
Store Price Coin.png 62,000,000
Items Needed •2Mushroom Coy

•2 Subordinate
•2 Snow Covered Wood

Sell for Coin.png 21,700,000

Possess and ultra rare stone found only at rare corners of the earth.

Crafting Recipe

Gemstone Wand
Gemstone Wand.png
Crafting cost: 62,000,000Coin.png
Mushroom Coy.png Mushroom Coy x2
Subordinate.png Subordinate x2
Snow Covered Wood.png Snow Covered Wood x2