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Dark Beholder
Dark Beholder.png
Health 24000
Defense 280
Speed 4.5
Experience 321xp
Worth $107
Height 24.9 feet
Power 700

Dark Beholders are rulers of the Wastelands. They eat Night Stalkers to stay alive. Unlike most other creatures, Dark Beholders do not sleep. Their bodies can function around the clock without ever needing rest. When they get old and die, their scales are used to make incredibly strong armor and weapons. 99% of people who ever seen a Dark Beholder are no longer alive.



Item Sell For Shop Price Level
Full Ski Mask $175 3
Flak Jacket $12,600 35
Cat Hat $2,100 25
Charm Hat $5,250 38
Suit $217 5
Shades $122
Cursed Robe $10,850 40
Army Helmet $2,275 18
Chain Armor $33,250 64
Leather Armor $1,050 10
Average value of item drops: 14,29k$

Seasonal Drops