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Chopping is a feature in Helmet Heroes in which the players can plant seeds to grow trees, which they can then chop down for logs used for Crafting and Houses (to be available in a future update). Every seed has a restriction on where they can be planted, thus only growing specific trees in those locations. These types usually correspond with the trees seen in the background of each area. Trees grow through three stages: Small, Medium, Large.

Along with this, is the Chopping proficiency. Planting seeds and chopping down trees will give the player Chopping XP that goes towards this proficiency. Planting seeds gives the player +30 Chopping XP, while chopping trees will periodically give the player +4 Chopping XP while they are damaging the tree. As the player's Chopping level increases, so does the damage they do to trees of all stages.



Purple Tree Seed.png
This content is no longer ingame and was removed with Patch 7.00. It is retained for historical purposes. Please do not edit unless important information is missing.

Seeds are a part of the Chopping feature. They are bought from Craftman located at the end of Craftman Falls, an extension of Deep Forest. Seeds are used to plant trees that players can then harvest logs from. Each seed can only be planted in specific locations, usually corresponding to the trees the player can see in the background of each area. Planting a seed gives the player +30 Chopping XP. In order to plant a seed, these conditions must be met (in this order):

  1. The seed is in a location it can be planted
  2. The seed is used on plant-able ground (not in the air, water, or on some floating platforms)
  3. The seed is not too close to another tree
  4. The seed is not too close to the edge of the ground
  5. The tree will not touch another ground above it when fully grown†

† This condition will arise if there is a coin box floating above the location, however the player can destroy the coin box and be able to plant the seed. Each seed's evolution and location restrictions can be found in the next section: Trees.



Trees are the product of planting seeds. Each tree has three stages: Small, Medium, and Large. When seeds are planted, they immediately begin in the Small tree stage. It takes approximately 16 minutes to grow to the next stage, taking in total 33 minutes to become a Large tree. Some trees have different variations, such as the Goof Tree and the Large Purple Tree, though only one of each is displayed here.

Players can chop a tree (using the 'C' key) at any of the three stages using any weapon (except the Fishing Pole), however it is recommended that they wait until a tree is at its Large stage, as they yield the highest chance of logs dropping, and the most logs. The drops are as follows:

  • Small Tree: 0-1 logs dropped
  • Medium Tree: 0-2 logs dropped
  • Large Tree: 0-5 logs dropped

Chopping trees will periodically give the player +4 Chopping XP. Leveling up the Chopping proficiency increases the damage players do to trees.

Trees can only grow in specific locations in the world, which usually correspond with the trees seen in the background of each stage (the exception to this being Weeping Willow trees being plant-able in Lotus Eye Bog and Carnelia's Woods).

Pressing the 'P' key will display vital information about the tree, including its Health (green bar) and the growth progress (blue bar, though Goof Tree growth bars may appear as different colors).

Below you will find each type of tree in more detail.


Palm Tree

Palm Tree Seed Palm Tree
Palm Tree Seed.png Palm Tree Small.png Palm Tree Medium.png Palm Tree Large.png

Palm Trees are one of the most basic trees in the Helmet Heroes Universe. They can be found in 8 locations: Wooden Plains, Palm Forest, Heath's Training Ground, High Greens, Bouncer's Cave,Green peak,Tlkj Flatts and Indian Territory

Drops: Palm Tree Log


Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom Seed Red Mushroom
Red Mushroom Seed.png Red Mushroom Small.png Red Mushroom Medium.png Red Mushroom Large.png

Red Mushrooms are a type of giant red mushroom that can be found in Mushroom Alley,Mush Front,Mush Cave Squishy Forest,Fungus Lane,Monkey Jungle and Ooka Ooka Shrooms

Drops: Red Mushroom Log


Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow Seed Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow Seed.png Weeping Willow Small.png Weeping Willow Medium.png Weeping Willow Large.png

Weeping Willows are very large trees that are scattered around Plant Swamp, Lotus Eye Bog, and Carnelia's Woods. Due to their size, these trees often must be planted far apart from one another.

Drops: Weeping Willow Log


Blue Mushroom

Blue Mushroom Seed Blue Mushroom
Blue Mushroom Seed.png Blue Mushroom Small.png Blue Mushroom Medium.png Blue Mushroom Large.png

Blue Mushrooms are another type of large mushroom, but colored blue instead of red. They can be found at: Blue Shroom Den, Mushroom Village,Shroom Passage,Mushroom Train Station,Fungi Woods,Shroom FIelds and Shroom Side They cannot be planted at the Mushroom Trading District despite the area being similar to that of the other areas.

Drops: Blue Mushroom Log


Dead Tree

Dead Tree Seed Dead Tree
Dead Tree Seed.png Dead Tree Small.png Dead Tree Medium.png Dead Tree Large.png

Dead Trees are barren trees that can be found in Haunted Woods. Despite their name, it is unknown if they are truly dead, or are just called such due to their lack of leaves year round.

Drops: Dead Tree Log


Goof Tree

Important Note: Goof Trees come in multiple colors. Variations include: Red fuzz with green/yellow stem, Purple fuzz with green/brown stem (seen here), and Blue fuzz with pink/purple stem.

Goof Tree Seed Goof Tree
Goof Tree Seed.png Goof Tree Small.png Goof Tree Medium.png Goof Tree Large.png

Goof Trees are an odd tree species found in the fantastical areas of Fairytale Woods and Fairyville. They come in multiple varieties, sporting many different colors. It is unknown if any of these are an evolutionary advantage or whether they come from the magical properties within the land they are planted in.

Drops: Goof Tree Log


Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Tree Seed Chestnut Tree
Chestnut Tree Seed.png Chestnut Tree Small.png Chestnut Tree Medium.png Chestnut Tree Large.png

Chestnut Trees can be found in Arena Entrance, Sparring Ground, PVP Forest, and GVG Woodlands. Chestnuts are a common holiday nut that are eaten by the thousands.

Drops: Chestnut Tree Log


Pine Tree

Pine Tree Seed Pine Tree
Pine Tree Seed.png Pine Tree Small.png Pine Tree Medium.png Pine Tree Large.png

Pine Trees are a common sight in Deep Forest and Craftman Falls. Their variation, the Snowy Tree, are Pine Trees covered in snow, and are located in the snowy areas of the world.

Drops: Pine Tree Log


Snowy Tree

Snowy Tree Seed Snowy Tree
Snowy Tree Seed.png Snowy Tree Small.png Snowy Tree Medium.png Snowy Tree Large.png

A Pine Tree that has been covered in snow, the Snowy Tree is located in the freezing areas of Cold Front and Snowy Flats.

Drops: Snowy Tree Log


Robot Tree

Robot Tree Seed Robot Tree
Robot Tree Seed.png Robot Tree Small.png Robot Tree Medium.png Robot Tree Large.png

Robot Trees are an artificial tree created by geniuses in Robo City. They were planted throughout Robo City and Light Highway to help the toxic atmosphere in the neighboring wastelands. It is a marvel to many to see a completely metallic tree grow, and make new seeds. These trees are harvested for their metallic logs, as they can be used to make metal objects, an important building material for the Block Bot and Drill Bot enemies.

Drops: Robot Tree Log.


Purple Tree

Important Note: The final stage of the Purple Tree has 2 variations, the one seen here, and a tall vertical one with a thin trunk and single bushy top.

Purple Tree Seed Purple Tree
Purple Tree Seed.png Purple Tree Small.png Purple Tree Medium.png Purple Tree Large.png

Purple Trees are dark colored trees due to the hostile and toxic environment they live in. They thrive in Wastelands Entrance, Beholder Lookout, and Kreetus's Lair. It is thought that their leaves are poisonous to eat, as they use the contaminated water in the area.

Drops: Purple Tree Log


Jungle Tree

Jungle Tree Seed Jungle Tree
Jungle Tree Seed.png Jungle Tree Small.png Jungle Tree Medium.png Jungle Tree Large.png

Jungle Trees are large trees that are found deep in the rainforest at Lotus Eye Bog and Carnelia's Woods. Due to their large stature, they are very good for climbing and making tree-houses in.

Drops: Jungle Tree Log


Tropical Tree

Tropical Tree Seed Tropical Tree
Tropical Tree Seed.png Tropical Tree Small.png Tropical Tree Medium.png Tropical Tree Large.png

Tropical Trees are a pleasant smelling tree that can be found at Petropolis and Elandra Island. Due to their rough and tiered trunks, they are commonly used as back scratchers for Leafling and Glord enemies.

Drops: Tropical Tree Log


Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree Seed Thorn Tree
Thorn Tree Seed.png Thorn Tree Small.png Thorn Tree Medium.png Thorn Tree Large.png

Thorn Trees are found in the deadly Repguana Sanction. In order to not be eaten by the hungry Repguanas, they have evolved to have very long and sharp thorns. This forces the Repguanas to feast on the poor unsuspecting players traveling through the area.

Drops: Thorn Tree Log



Logs are often dropped from Trees found around the world of Helmet Heroes. They are collected for their use in Crafting and Houses. Each log and their use in crafting and houses is listed below.

Palm Tree Log

Palm Tree Log
Palm Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Palm TreesUses: Palm Tree Wood

Red Mushroom Log

Red Mushroom Log
Red Mushroom Log.png

Dropped By: Red MushroomsUses: Red Mushroom Cube

Weeping Willow Log

Weeping Willow Log
Weeping Willow Log.png

Dropped By: Weeping WillowsUses: Willow Wood

Blue Mushroom Log

Blue Mushroom Log
Blue Mushroom Log.png

Dropped By: Blue MushroomsUses: Blue Mushroom Cube

Dead Tree Log

Dead Tree Log
Dead Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Dead TreesUses: Junk Wood

Goof Tree Log

Goof Tree Log
Goof Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Goof TreesUses: Colored Wood

Chestnut Tree Log

Chestnut Tree Log
Chestnut Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Chestnut TreesUses: Chestnut Wood

Pine Tree Log

Pine Tree Log
Pine Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Pine TreesUses: Pine Block

Snowy Tree Log

Snowy Tree Log
Snowy Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Snowy TreesUses: Snow Covered Wood

Robot Tree Log

Robot Tree Log
Robot Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Robot TreesUses: Robot Bar

Purple Tree Log

Purple Tree Log
Purple Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Purple TreesUses: Purple Sheet Wood

Jungle Tree Log

Jungle Tree Log
Jungle Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Jungle TreesUses: Jungle Wood

Tropical Tree Log

Tropical Tree Log
Tropical Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Tropical TreesUses: Stacked Wood

Thorn Tree Log

Thorn Tree Log
Thorn Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Thorn TreesUses: Thorn Wood

Maple Tree Log

Maple Tree Log
Maple Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Maple TreesUses: Maple Tree Wood

Cloud Tree Log

Cloud Tree Log
Cloud Tree Log.png

Dropped By: Palm TreesUses: Cloud Tree Wood


  • Chopping was hinted at months before it's release, and a bugged Red Mushroom Log and Blue Mushroom Log could be obtained from the Item Slot Machine in Snowy Flats (each of the items took on the look of a Sliver in the inventory) one week prior to the release. This item could not be sold, dropped,traded, nor used, and made it so the player was unable to trade. This bug was resolved when the Chopping update was released on September 3rd, 2014.