Helmet Heroes Wiki

Books are consumable items which provide the player with a boost to one of their characters's stats. They can be purchased at the Mushroom Library, or found as a drop from monsters. Books have a base drop rate of 0.04%.[1]

Book Name Effect Cost Value Shop
Book of Power.png
Book of Power
Add 1 to Strength $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Magic.png
Book of Magic
Add 1 to Magic $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Range.png
Book of Range
Add 1 to Range $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Artillery.png
Book of Artillery
Add 1 to Artillery $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Dexterity.png
Book of Dexterity
Add 1 to Dexterity $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Health.png
Book of Health
Add 10 to HP $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of MP.png
Book of MP
Add 10 to MP $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Defense.png
Book of Defense
Add 1 to Defense $55000 $19250 Lewis
Book of Skill.png
Book of Skill
Add 1 Skill Point $210000 $73500 Lewis