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Jr Mime Jr Mime 18 May 2019

New Fandom Wiki Manager for the Helmet Heroes Wiki


I am Jr Mime, a Fandom Wiki Manager for this community, the Helmet Heroes.

I am here to help the community, you, for any questions, issues about the wiki, editing, formatting, scripting, etc. I am also a liaison to full-time Fandom staff members.

Feel free to contact me on my talk page for any specific questions, or directly post on this blog post.

It will be a pleasure working with you! - Jr Mime (talk) [VSTF] 19:31, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

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Bezu Bezu 21 August 2016

Will be back soon

I've been away lately because life was in the way, I will do my best to login daily and update the wiki. I'll be fully back by Tuesday

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TheGure TheGure 11 August 2015

This would be in future.

Most of these will be in future.

I will be adding more on this feature in days.

[[File:Multichainability.png|thumb|Ability icon. GUI used into it. >MultiChain attack

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Best cowboy lol Best cowboy lol 28 March 2015

Helmet Heroes

People like helmet heroes because new stuff like weaponds, armors and pets. Also people like helmet heroes because new updete like 6.04 attack at Robot City but people want to know why many people play helmet heroes? people say that is fun and other say because new update and new stuff.This is the new update of helmet heroes that a person send me he is a cowboy. Also why people don`t stop playing helmet heroes? I would tell you why because people tell other person to play helmet heroes because it fun and new update and pets. In the new update people don`t like because they can do many stuff like people don`t know how to do bombs. My idea is that don`t play to much helmet heroes because you have other stuff to do. If do you want to see or r…

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Hororin Hororin 26 November 2013

Javascript Item Page Format - Pseudocode

Don't have time to write some of the code yet, but I'm putting some pseudocode here I can refer back to so I get a head start:


Check article root name.  Located under a header with id/class of "WikiaPageHeader", located within

Run article name through each object array.

If a match is found, then display an item template (page contents in a : id "mw-content-text")

         BONUS-store monsters in same way (store item drops in arrays), cycle through said monsters/arrays and                  look for matches.  If found, display monster's name and move on.

For Melee/Helmet/ect, use above code to display all items within that object array?


Create a form for 'add armor', 'add magic weapon', ect

Have boxes to fill out …

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Swave Nation Swave Nation 19 July 2013

My Introduction

If you were still unaware, I am the great SwaveLegendz himself. Your probably wondering why I didnt just use the same name well......ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! jk jk Im a cool guy lvl 107 and counting who is 17 years of age. If you wunna know more just simply follow me on any social website, Helmet Heroes, or just follow this page.

- Have a nice day!

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