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This content is no longer ingame and was removed. It is retained for historical purposes. Please do not edit unless important information is missing.

Alarm Clock
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Effect Use to report botters
Sells For $140

Alarm Clock is a consumable item sold by Butch at his shop at Tropical Beach. They are intended to be used by players to disable and deter players who are seen "botting" (using programs to automatically gain experience and gold without being present in front of a computer) by other players. Butch warns the player against maliciously using the clocks against other players, with advice that misuse of the clocks will result in trouble for the abusing player.

At this point in time, the Alarm Clock does not function correctly, and is completely unable to detect if a player is using any sort of botting program . Robby has removed Butch, and there's no way to obtain an Alarm Clock anymore (As Slot Machine has been removed from the game). The existing Alarm Clocks are also no longer visible in players' inventories but are able to be sold to the NPCs.